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About Us

Chef Tony & Supportive Wife Madi

With over 14 Years of Juicy Lucy and Burger cooking experience Juicy Lucy's Owner and Head Chef Tony Stanton set out to create the perfect home town burger joint. Classic, Filling and Juicy.

Head Chef Tony has grilled for people as famous as the entire Minnesota Twins Baseball Team, Goerge Forman, Louie AndersonDonnell Rawlings and Dave Chappelle. Nothing beats the juicy perfection of a flawless burger and golden, crispy fries.

Smiley, uplifting Madi does it all! Her passion is to create the best customer experience possible. Madi's top priority is to share chef Tony's incredible meals with the world at a reasonable price and at a fun atmosphere! Goals achieved.

Juicy Lucy's is open for dine in at JR's Family Reunion Bar and available for catering events.